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Pastor Bruce

Before The Rock existed, there was Southwest Baptist. It was a small church with a congregation consisting of roughly 90 people (mostly senior citizens), whose heart was to make an impact for God. Because attendance was dwindling, they knew they needed to make a change. After much prayer and consideration, they took a chance and asked a young couple from California to come and lead them.

Southwest Baptist

Melissa and I, along with the existing church body, resolved to take whatever steps necessary to advance the Kingdom of God - no matter the cost! To reach those far from God, we reinvented the way church was done at Southwest Baptist. We introduced drums and electric guitars where there had been pianos and organs. We installed lights and updated the stage for a more modern look and feel. We painted the church and designed a children's program even though there were no children!

On Easter 2000, after much preparation and prayer, The Rock was born! We grew so quickly that we were soon faced with a decision: either relocate or pull back on our promise to do whatever necessary to advance God’s Kingdom. It became obvious very quickly that relocation was the answer. Through God’s grace and provision, we raised $1,000,000, sold our building, and acquired loans to refurbish an old YMCA building - the same building The Rock is in today.

The core group of people who sacrificed so much, including their personal church preferences, as well as sacrificing their time and finances, did this to make an impact on our culture and the world. They did it to reach people who were not already here. Actually, they did it for YOU!

Odds are, if you are reading this, you are in the 90% of our church who came to The Rock AFTER we relocated to our present building! Many of you came into a relationship with Jesus here. Some of you knew Christ but have grown significantly in your spiritual walk while being at The Rock. Please realize - much of that is because of the sacrifice those 90 individuals made in order to reach you! They became a blessing to you so that together, we could help change the world!

always under construction

Now, once again, the challenge is to set aside our personal preferences, to take up the mantle of sacrificial giving in order to reach the next generation of people who are far from God. This will require those of us who call The Rock our church home to get involved. We are a team. We are a family. We must remember that we are blessed because someone before us made sacrifices.

And now, the challenge is before you. Will you choose to be a blessing to the next generation? Will you join me and hundreds of other families in this church to do whatever it takes to make an IMPACT?


We are a church of transformed lives!

Each person below has a transformation story... (roll your mouse over a picture so you can link to the story)


We are restored.

Their story

“We were ready to divorce...”


I Am the Next Generation.

His story

“I was abandoned...”


I am addicted to Christ.

His story

“I was addicted to drugs...”


I Am Forgiven!

His story

“I was lost...”


I am free!

Her story

“I was shackled by hurt, loss...”

I am an overcomer!

Her story

“I was a failure...”


I Am Recovering!

Her story

“I was a lonely alcoholic...”





I Am Strengthened.

His story

“I was in need, praying…”


“We were blessed”


I am released

His Story

“I was captive”

“I was uncertain”


I Am Healed!

Her story

“I was broken...”





I Am Controlled.

His story

“I was angry, controlling…”


We are a church built on gospel DNA


First and foremost, we are a church who is committed to reaching people for Jesus Christ. We believe this is the most important issue in all of life.

Second, we are a church committed to growing in our love relationship with God.

Third, we want to IMPACT our world by sending individuals to reach others for the cause of Jesus Christ. You will often hear us saying,
God loves you just the way you are but He loves you too much to keep you there.

real church
Prov. 29:18


Our original church was founded by Pastor John Zier in April, 1954 with a small group of believers who met in a school on Jewell Street. By December of that year, “Jewell Baptist Church” was going strong and began to make plans to construct their own building at 4000 W. Yale Ave. By 1966, God had grown the church so much that there was a need for a full-blown building campaign to build an addition onto the existing building. Along with this addition, the church voted to change their name to “Southwest Baptist Church” to reduce the confusion about actually being located on Yale! Throughout the next 30 years, there remained a faithful remnant of believers who had a heart for reaching the lost. In 1999, the leaders had a tough choice to make: keep going along as they had and watch the church die or take a leap of faith and trust God to do a new thing. They decided to take a leap of faith and they hired Pastor Bruce who came with a radical vision about “replanting” the church with a new name, a new vision, a new sound and a renewed appeal for the younger generation.

real church

In the weeks prior to Easter 2000, the church’s core group faithfully hand-delivered and mailed 18,000 mailers to the surrounding neighborhood, inviting everyone to attend “The Rock”. God did not disappoint and amazingly, 250 people showed up that day! The Rock grew quickly and many people come to a saving faith in Jesus. Soon, the church had an average attendance of 400 people a week but only had seating for 180. In 2003, God led us to purchase and refurbish an old YMCA building that had 4 times the seating capacity. By choosing to rebuild instead of build from the ground up, we saved 50% of the building costs.

Since planting The Rock:

  • Between 150-300 people have come to faith in Christ each year!
  • 4 new churches have been planted and hundreds have been sent out to pioneer those new works.
  • 52 people have been raised up and launched into full or part-time ministry.
  • 5 couples have been deployed to the mission fields of the world (three couples in 2014).
  • Results like this are due only to the power of God moving through people like us!
real church

Stephanie talks about the first big move

Patrick & Paula: transformed lives!

Tina & Chris: from members to missionaries

David & Rita: Real People

Gabe & Joey: The Rock's next generation

Melissa: "You can't out-give God!"

Shawn and Rachael share daughter Maggie's story

Rob and Rachel: victory over addictions

Cardboard Testimonies




We believe God is calling us to experience immeasurably more of Him and allow Him to multiply both in and through us - making a greater IMPACT.

As we obey God and become a part of His redemptive plan for the world, we have identified four key areas that we believe He wants us to be committed to in order to fulfill the mission He has given us.

    Seeing every man, woman and child entrusted to us living in discipling relationships, resulting in them maturing as disciple-makers to everyone...everywhere.
    Building a leadership culture where the highest priority is on equipping and empowering every believer to carry out God’s purposes for the Church.
    Raising up and sending out pastors and congregations to ensure that the Front Range and beyond is saturated with churches that are heartbroken over the lostness of every man, woman and child.
    We want to see the gospel impact our community in immeasurably more ways. We want to see more impact in families and healing of grief and addiction through our many care and external ministries.

New Goals


We believe God is calling us to experience immeasurably more of Him and allow Him to multiply both in and through us - making a greater IMPACT.

As a result of months of prayer and study, the Elders and Executive Staff believe that God has given us a vision that will enable The Rock to reach the thousands of people in the southwest region of our city who remain far from God. We believe that our best opportunity to fulfill this vision is to relocate to a larger facility. Doing so will enable us to double or even triple our existing capabilities.

future worship center
Prov. 29:18


  • $9 Million project
  • Raise $3 Million
  • Need $1.5 Million in hand prior to breaking ground
  • Sell current building for a $1.5 Million profit
  • Secure up to a $5 million loan as needed with a plan to pay off more quickly than our current loans


  • Acquire an existing facility
  • Remodel and expand (55-60k sq ft)
  • 800 seat auditorium, 9,000 sq ft Children’s Center
  • 5,000 sq ft Youth Center
  • Create a facility that will allow ministry to be done with excellence


  • 10% tithe of funds raised through Impact
  • Jesus Film translation
  • Church Planting
    • An inner city church
    • Church plant in Utah
    • Church plant in Estonia
  • Rock Family Center in Argentina
  • Restoration Homes in India
    • (Anti-sex trafficking)

What Will It Take?

Purchasing and remodeling an existing building will cost $7.5-$8.5 million. We hope to sell our current building for $3.9 million and pay back the outstanding debt of $3 million. We have the capacity to borrow $6 million and we are trusting God to raise $3 million over and above regular giving within the next three years.

In keeping with the generous heart The Rock has always had, we will give 10% of the money raised during the Impact Ministry Advancement Plan to local and overseas missions.

How Can You Be A Part Of This Next Step?

For God to do even greater things in and through The Rock, God’s people need to be willing to do great things for God. We must take the next step to expand and build for the future. It will take all of the people that call The Rock their home to accept the challenge of sacrifice and grow in generosity. We ask that you prayerfully consider what sacrifices God will have you make and what part He will have you play in this next chapter of The Rock. Join us for First Fruits and Celebration Sunday on November 16th when we will all have the opportunity to bring our commitments to the Lord together as one body.

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Questions?      Answers!

Why are we planning to relocate?

We believe that God has placed The Rock in Littleton to make an impact in the lives and families of the people of this region. Since God cares deeply about two major areas that we do well - reaching the lost and building His church - we feel that He has been leading us toward relocation for at least three years. As an outreach church that touches people’s lives with the gospel while ministering to the family and individuals through our wide range of ministries, we can’t help but grow. God is calling us to relocate in order to continue excelling in the areas of our calling as a church.

We finished our Youth and Ministry Center in 2011 to reach the next generation and allow more room for our Children’s Ministries. Why hasn’t this alleviated congestion?

Actually, it has worked, exceptionally well. Since the completion of our addition, our youth ministry has EXPLODED! Many of their families have also found hope and community at The Rock as a result. Although the new addition provided space for our youth, we are challenged to reach their parents and siblings as well. We believe God used the new youth building to reveal our need to relocate in order to provide more space in our sanctuary, foyers, and children’s department.

What’s wrong with our current facility?

The size and shape of our worship center makes it difficult to seat more than 300 people. We regularly exceed that number during two of our three worship services. Jefferson County determined that we are too large for our community and doesn’t want us to add any square footage to our worship center. In addition, our parking lots are often full and many cars park along the street. Even if we could expand our worship center, we could only add 30 additional parking spaces which would not be enough.

If we relocate and outgrow that facility, will we have to go through all of this again?

Our plan for the future is that the Kingdom of God will grow, not just The Rock. Our plan isn’t to become the largest church in Colorado, but that we would make the largest IMPACT in Colorado. Because of our unique church planting model and desire to “raise up leaders and send them out” we can do more for the Kingdom by growing outward rather than growing upward. Our desired growth (2,000-2,500) will help to establish us as a church that can better change the landscape of our community. We feel that by growing in size, we will be able to do a much better job of church planting and mission sending.

Prov. 29:18

Will our programming be as good as it is now?

Our expectation is that it will be much better. We are planning to implement better systems and better leadership development. Our goal is to financially back our ministries with greater resources and organization.

Will we still have the Acoustic Café once we relocate into our new facilities?

Our plan is to continue the Acoustic Café. Not only do we believe it is an essential part of who we are as a church, we also love the capability to offer several service styles and options. We are planning to have a large enough area to keep the Café and allow it to grow.

Will Jefferson County try to stop our growth and potential at the new location?

We will ensure that we have the county’s authorization before we move forward. Many of our issues with Jefferson County were caused by our location in a residential area.

When will we know the new location?

Our hope is that we can share the location by this fall or once the county has approved the plans for the desired location. Prior to that time, we don’t want to violate the trust given to us by the churches and businesses that we are pursuing. Also, our exact location may depend upon the pledges given toward our Ministry Advancement Plan. If we receive significantly less than we anticipate, we may have to look at building a smaller facility. But, of course, this won’t happen…will it?

What about Multi-Site?

After immense prayer and research we have come to the conclusion that we do not have the financial or leadership resources to pursue Multi-site with excellence in our current situation. At our current size, due to the high cost of facilities and the high demand on both vocational and volunteer resources, we believe if we were to launch at this point it would be detrimental to the health of the overall church. We still believe Multi-site is a large and exciting part of our future, but we need to expand our base (financial and leadership) to position ourselves to be successful at reaching people for Jesus Christ through a Multi-site endeavor.

I’m struggling with the idea that we may become too big. I’m not sure I want to be a “BIG” church.

The Rock is already a big church. We are one of the largest churches in the area and in Colorado. The reason it doesn’t feel so “big” is due to the efforts of the staff to ensure they are all approachable, friendly and loving. We are a church of Growth Groups, with 80% of our congregation attending a Growth Group, this allows us to feel “small” even though we are quite large. Our DNA (who we really are) is what gives us the small church feel, not our location or facilities.

Speaking of our DNA, I love us just the way we are. Will relocating change our DNA?

Our DNA is intentional. It is who we are - by design and by the heart of our congregation, staff and Lead Pastor. Bruce will still be the same, preach the same, and love the same at the new location. The staff will still push to reach the broken and hurting in the unique way that God has designed The Rock. The vision and DNA were the same at our old facility before we relocated in 2003. The Rock has grown five times in size since we left our old location and our DNA hasn’t changed. Our motto, “Real Church – Real People,” will continue to be our motto. The only difference is that we will be able to do a better job of reaching people, just like you, who desire a church with our DNA. This is because YOU are our DNA!

I’m worried that the new location will be further away than I would like. Which areas are we looking at?

Our goal is to relocate no more than one to three miles away. The locations that we are looking at are between Belleview and Coal Mine to the north and south, and Wadsworth and C-470 to the east and west. We also do not want to infringe on the locations of our four church plants.

Shouldn’t we be directing our money to outreach, missions, and other needs instead?

We are building this new facility to serve the people we are seeking to reach, not just to serve ourselves. This project is being driven by vision and our vision is driven by a calling from God to be a vibrant witness for the gospel in the heart of the Front Range. One of the major goals of our relocation is to grow enough that we can afford to allocate more funding toward church planting, missions, staff, care ministries and outreach to the poor and broken in our community. Our desire is to do more than we are doing now and growth will enable us to do that.

Our People

We are the Rock!

Each person below tells us what they WERE... (roll your mouse over a picture so you can see the I AM statements)

I WAS... I AM...

I was... I am...

I am

I was... I am...

We are

I was... I am...

I am
in a great growth group with wonderful friends

I was... I am...

I am

I was... I am...

I am
forgiven and living in God's peace

I was... I am...

I am
choosing to bless others

I was... I am...

I am
really living

I was... I am...

I am
open and relational

I was... I am...

I am
sure that Christ has amazing plans for my life

I was... I am...

I am
set free

I was... I am...

I am

I was... I am...

We are
joyfully serving Christ

I was... I am...

I am
a daughter of the One True King

I was... I am...

I am
healed and forgiven

I was... I am...

I am
a perfect fit at The Rock

I was... I am...

I am
grounded in the Lord

I was... I am...

I am
a son of the King Most High

I was... I am...

I am
living out my faith

I was... I am...

I am
part of a family

I was... I am...

I am
filled with contentment



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